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Fight against the COVID-19

Protect the health of yourself and others

Currently, the pandemic situation is experiencing another peak from the beginning of November both in China and other areas of the world. As a pandemic caused by an unknown and brand new virus, COVID-19 will not escape from us easily as some of other severe diseases. Our knowledge about COVID-19 is growing gradually with mistakes and the price of sacrifice of life and public's freedom. So, it's time now that every single human shall view protecting the health of yourself and others as your responsibility and duty. How to protect yourself? Avoid gathering together, keeping a proper social distance, wearing medical face mask or other PPE, reporting genuine information, and etc.

As a company who has been doing international business for over 20 years, Changzhou Huankang Medical Device also suffers a lot from this year's pandemic and shrinkage of the international market. However, we feel confident that all the human beings will work together to fight against the COVID-19 and we are sure that we will win this war together. And each of us need a good shield and weapon to fight against the COVID-19. That shield and weapon is face mask and other PPE. We can save others' life when we protect ourselves.

Huankang will keep investing on the development and manufacturing of the medical face mask and other PPEs. We will contribute to making the public health system better by providing a solid foundation of innovation and manufacturing. Let's do it now and we believe we can do better in the future.