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Urine Drainage Bag HK-B04

Without bottom outlet valve, 1000ml/2000ml
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• Made of 0.24mm thick, latex-free PVC (two layers); 
• Double sealed PVC to prevent spilling of fluids; 
• Effective inlet valve (anti-reflux valve); 
• Tight outlet valve, can be easily operated with one hand; 
• Connecting drain with universal tip; 
• Wide lengths of inlet tube: 90cm, 110cm, 130cm, 150cm; 
• Preventing bending or twisting for easy flow of urine; 
• Precise, easy-to-read scale (every 100ml); 
• Strengthened holes for hanging with standard hangers; 
• Single-use; 
• E.O. sterilized; 
• Individual packaging: PE, Blister, Paper-foil; 
• 24-hour collection of urine and other body fluids;