Nasal Oxygen Cannula HK-C08

140/200/300/500CM, Adult/Child/Infant
Get quotation in 24 hours
Get quotation in 24 hours
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• Made of medical PVC; 
• Very soft tips with smooth edges; 
• Fastened at the back of the head; 
• Various spacing of the nasal part of the cannula depending on the sizes; 
• Universal connector compatible with any source of oxygen; 
• Tube with star cross-section, resistant to bending; 
• Available in 3 sizes with 140cm, 200cm, 300cm, and 500cm; 
• Single use, E.0. Sterilized; 
• Individual packaging: PE, Blister, Paper-foil; Indication: 
• Oxygen delivery through the nose;
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