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Disposable Biopsy Forceps HK-F01

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• With our wide selection of cost-effective disposable biopsy forceps, you are perfectly equipped for every procedure; 
• The Huankang biopsy forcep is available with jaw diameters of 1.8mm, 2.3mm and 3.0mm, and are offered in Oval, Serrated, Alligator jaws, with or without a spike. 
• The Standard Oval and Serrated offer larger capacity. Biopsy forceps are offered in 160cm, 180cm and 230mm lengths and feature entry and exit indicator markings.; 
• Options: coated or non-coated; 
• Single-use, E.O. sterilized; 
• Individual packaging: PE, Blister, Paper-foil; Key benefits: 
• Comfort with cushioned lining and short throw provides improved grip and accommodates smaller hands. 
• The single drive wire and hinge linkage delivers smooth activation around curves and tortuous anatomy. The system delivers more closure force to the jaws which provides for improved cutting ability and assures complete jaw closure. 
• The design of the Huankang forceps family is based upon the robust and proven design of original reusable biopsy instruments. These designs provide optimal bite, while minimizing the risk of scope damage.
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